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After successful experiences in foundation of valid education centers and cooperations with universities and institutions, we have decided to help different people of the society with the goal of offering effective and practical Trainings , so that they would be able, in any occupational position they have, by developing their skills, facilitate their growth and success and progress. So we will do our best by applying experienced and professional employees, national and international famous professors, as well as up-to-dated methods and technologies, accomplish following activities the best way possible:

  1. Reviewing and checking the needs of society, jobs and organizations in order to detect educational needs
  2. Planning practical and suitable courses, that meet needs of today’s society through valid resources.
  3. Organizing educational courses with the goal of motivating in the education and actualizing behavioral goals
  4. Supporting the graduates by up-to-dating educations and social supports in form of money-makers club, in order to create jobs and stable entrepreneurships.
  5. Attemping to make changes in group behaviors in order to modify the society.

In this way, we pay our regards to all people and organizations of national and international institutions.

Maysam Alirezayee

Founder of Institute of Sceince and Skill Development






  • نمایشگاه95

    The second exhibition of the capabilities of small industries and industrial towns

  • 96

    Third Exhibition of Small Industries and Industrial Townscapes

  • sacmi

    Sacmi Molds and Dies Spa

  • coca


  • 2

    Ministry of Energy

  • vezarat-sanaat

    Ministry of Industry, Mines and Business

  • لیا نقش

    Lea Rice Co.

  • نیکان پلاست

    Nikan Plast Co.

  • پارسا پلیمر رازی

    Parsa Polymer Razi

    پارسا پلیمر راضی

  • 5

    Firouz Engineering Co.

  • بهداش

    Behdash Chemical company

  • پیدیکو

    Peyvand Dez Gostar (Pidiko)

  • فرش دیبا

    Diba’s carpet

  • آهن فولاد کاسپین)

    Caspian steel iron company

  • سینا شیشه

    Sina Glass

  • Lcc

    Lcc prestigious crystal

  • images_news_Arm00-111

    Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Org.

  • پارسا پلیمر شریف

    Parsa Polymer Sharif

  • lg

    LG Electronics

  • Scania

    Scania AB

  • 22-3

    Entrepreneurs’ Excellent Complex

  • 811

    Organization of technical and vocational training of the country

  • caspian

    Town of industrial towns of Qazvin province

  • 56

    University of Tehran

  • 8811

    Bakhtar Higher Institution Of Education

  • d1

    National Elite Foundation

  • d4

    Technical and Vocational Training Organization

  • d2

    Higher Education and Research Institute of Management and Planning

  • 13

    Higher Education and Research Institute of Management and Presidential Planning





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